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  • sslwrap-hack:
    • the sslwrap hack command is now "SSL host:pass" instead of the old "SSL:host:pass" to be able to make use of qmail's command processing functions, which consider ' ' as a separator
  • checkvpw-hack:
    • removed, no longer needed
  • qmail-popup-hack & qmail-pop3d-hack:
    • added these 2 patched versions of qmail's programs which record through syslog() pop3 user logins and are compatible with the sslwrap hack "SSL" command
  • ipop3-hack:
    • changed "SSL:host:pass" into "SSL host:pass"
  • pop3-authd:
    • now supporting the following log formats:
      • ipop3d
      • vpopmail's vchkpw
      • the format used by my hacked qmail-pop3d
    • I removed vmailmgr's checkpw because you had to patch it, and it's simpler to patch qmail
    • made it ignore logins from "UNKNOWN", as the daemons sometimes return that as an ip address
  • pop3-authd:
    • the string from ipop3d can also contain "Auth user", not only "Login user" (when using the AUTH command). Now correctly parsing that case.
  • pop3-authd:
    • tries to reopen the pipe in case fgets() returns NULL; in case of failure it dies
    • now also catching SIGTERM to cleanup nicely
    • made it write QUITTING when logging fatal errors, to differentiate from handled errors
    • made it actually call the vchkpw and checkvpw handlers, before it called the ipop3d handler three times (copy/paste omission ;) )
    • made the checkvpw and vchkpw filters actually work ;)
    • made get_ip() ignore
    • made it remove any trailing \r\n from the messages coming from syslog
  • auth-wrap:
    • changed behaviour in case of database error or getpeername(). Instead of doing exit(1) now we run qmail-smtpd to let it decide what to do with the mail.
  • Makefiles:
    • replaced PGSQL_ROOT by PGSQL_INCS and PGSQL_LIBS because they're not always in PGSQL_ROOT/include and PGSQL_ROOT/lib (see RedHat's default installation).
  • implemented features:
    • sslhack ( sslwrap + ipop3d )
    • can read data from vpopmail's vchkpw, wu's ipop3d and a modified version of vmailmgr's checkvpw
    • pop3-authd tries to reconnect in case of database connection failure
    • added a commented #define CONFIGURED in config.h to make sure user at least reads the configuration file