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This is our small contribution to the Open Source community. Without them we would have right-clicked Exchange, seen that the feature we need is not (yet) implemented and calmly put an announcement on our site saying "Sorry, this wizard can't help you."


This is a collection of various useful qmail hacks we needed at some point in time and written ourselves.


We are Mihnea Balta and Costin Grigoras, currently working for VoDaNET. Our email addresses are mihneab@mymail.ro and costing@mymail.ro (guess who's who ;) )


We have developed and tested these packages on Linux. However, they should work with minor or none modifications on other Unices (FreeBSD comes to mind). We would like to recieve feedback about other platforms and if we can get access to a specific OS we'll make it work on it too. It won't work on Windows or any other non-*NIX OS. *NIX rules.

  • auth-relay - a set of hacks for making qmail relay mail from those IP addresses from which a successful pop3 logon was performed less than a given time ago, like you see at yahoo.com. The package also contains some patches to make it work when providing secure pop3 through sslwrap.
  • qmail-banners - a hack for adding arbitrary text to the incoming and/or outgoing mail messages passing through a qmail server.

"Success stories"

Only ours, for now. We run this software on mymail.ro, one of the biggest free webmail providers in Romania. That should give you some minimal amount of trust in the feasability of this software and assure you that when a problem arises it will be solved A.S.A.P. ;)

  • all the people who wrote the software we hacked, for making it open source
  • sourceforge.net for provinding hosting for open source projects
  • freshmeat.net for being such a kickass place where you can find open source software and share yours.

  • QMail was written by D. J. Bernstein
  • PostgreSQL is (c) the Regents of the University of California
  • SSLwrap was written by Rick Kaseguma
  • vmailmgr was written by Bruce Guenter
  • vpopmail was written by Chris Johnson and a whole bunch of other people, see the AUTHORS file from the vpopmail distribution
  • Windows and Exchange are registered trademarks of Microsoft Corporation. We're not sure, but "right-click" and "Sorry, this wizard can't help you" might be as well. If that's the case, we aknowledge them too.